domenica 11 ottobre 2015

Intervento in Aula del card. Dolan

di card. Timothy Dolan

Il card. Timothy Dolan, arcivescovo di New York, è intervenuto in Aula il 6 ottobre. Il testo del suo intervento è stato pubblicato sul suo sito web da cui lo riprendiamo.

While we bishops are here as pastors, we are also here as disciples.

We are especially disciples when we listen with gratitude, humility, and openness to God’s Word, particularly His Incarnate Word, Jesus.

Yes, we gather as a synod of bishops, but, first and foremost, we assemble as disciples.

Thus, the starting point of the Synod must be what God has revealed to us aboutmarriage and the family: that one man and one woman, united in lifelong, life giving, faithful love, eager for God’s gift of babies, raised with tenderness in the sacredcommunio of the family, is the premier relationship of this life, so holy that it reflects the interior love of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the Most Blessed Trinity.

To defend, support, sustain, renew, and restore that noble nature of marriage andfamily as God intended “from the beginning” — as His Son reminded us in last Sunday’s Gospel — is our starting point for the synod, as well as our goal.

Today’s challenges and particular dangers to God’s intention for marriage and family – cultural, economic, sociological, political, – and our pastoral response to them, are very, very important, but should flow from our starting point.

Gods’ Word must always come first.

While pastoral realism and compassion inspires us to consider carefully the situation of marriage and family now, our duty is to follow Jesus in recalling and restoring what His Father intended “. . . in the beginning.”

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